Making a Home with Your Horses

Lisa has carved out a strong niche in Horse Properties. Having owned, competed, ridden and loved horses for most of her life, and is therefore well placed to provide special services to clients looking for a home for themselves and their animals.

In addition to all the issues to consider when buying any country property, there are many additional factors to be aware of if you are thinking of making a home with your horses.

Questions You Should Be Asking!

  • Where are the nearest trails?
  • What will the zoning allow?
  • How many animals can be accommodated on a parcel?
  • Is my water quality and quantity sufficient?
  • What concerns should I have about the protection of our watersheds?
  • Will my neighbors be concerned with fly and odor nuisances?
  • How will hay and shavings delivery be accommodated?
  • What will I do with manure?
  • Is the road traversable by horse trailers?
  • Can I bring in boarders to help pay the mortgage?
  • What are the regulations about building arenas?
  • How much will it cost to put a barn up?
  • How long will permits take?
Mare and foal


We make it a point to see as many of the horse properties in the county as possible. That way, whether you’re buying or selling, we will have seen the comparables… those that have sold, and those that haven’t. We’ve probably shown most of them at some point and know what our clients thought of them, as well. In short, it’s our goal to be the most knowledgeable advisors in the region for horse people looking to buy or sell property.

Local Horse Community

We also make it a point to be well connected with the local horse community. In this way, we have insight into what is going on from a regulatory standpoint; we know what the current issues are in the community are and can probably tell you where to go to find whatever it is you are looking for. Lisa was on the Board of Directors of the Sonoma County Horse Council and the Mounted Assistance Unit for many years.

We belong to the

… and many other organizations dedicated to preserving our equestrian heritage, looking out for the welfare of our equine community and ensuring continued trail access throughout our public lands.

Lisa Thomas and horse